Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well...I'm still pretty shaken about what i was told

I mean.. come on! I missed like.. 5 of my birthdays!!

worse yet...



I'm debating about figuring out whats going on in the present...


looking into the NFI's and see if I can gather anything of value.


Anyone got any ideas for me?

Friday, January 11, 2013


Yesterday I woke up to that one guy wearing a suit next to me.. his gun on his back..

I slowly sat up and asked where I was?

???: "You're in the Medics tent.. you've been out for a good 3 days.."


3 days...?

No way..

He told me the date.. January 12, 2017...

Wait wait a minute!! Hold up!

I disappeared in 2012!

I sat up and looked for my axe, really not wanting to be there..

But instead I got pushed onto the bed

 ???: "We have much to talk about... "

I asked him why in the hell it was 2017!!

He said I disappeared over 4 years ago..  

But.. How...?

He told me that while I was down there.. wherever I was kept.. that somehow Time was altered to be slower down there than reality..

Great.. 4 years felt like 2 weeks..

I asked him about the NFI's..

He said that they are researching "new fuel technology", and that NFI stood for "Noxus Fuel Industries"


New fuel technology? What fuel can you get from people fighting for their lives down there?? Huh?

He asked me about what I did after I left home.. I told him, I mean he saved my life after all.. might as well..

I asked him who all of these people are.. He didn't answer me..

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a disk and handed it to me.

I took it and looked at it..

Experiment 002 Tommy Roark

I know that disc!

I checked my pocket to see nothing was there..

I glared at him.

???:  I didn't watch it or anything, Figured it was about you and you alone should watch it..

I asked him yet another question.. Why was he helping me anyway?

He quickly responded.

???: "Because.."

"  for 5 years, my best friend was gone.."

I looked at his face, and he looked back at mine.

No way..

Th...that can't be..

"T-th-that you Bobby?"

He smiled and nodded..

"Yea.. it's me."

Monday, January 7, 2013

Medics Report.

To begin with.. This Isn't Tommy.

I'm the field Medic who has been treating him.

I stumbled upon this as I was looking for his medical records and other various documentation.

For some odd reason.. His physical body hasn't changed in over 4 years.. 

The missing persons report stated he disappeared on the 27th of November, 2012.

As of right now..It's January 7th 2017

Either way... Besides the scratches and cuts, his body seems to be fine..

Except 4 holes in his back, they look a lot like bot-fly larvae that buried into his back.. Though no traces of those larvae were found.

I drained some dark ink like fluid from those holes on his back.. they'll be examined later.

As of now he is still unconsious.. More will be added Later


Field Medic

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I woke up, and grabbed my axe.

Today was the day I get out of this hell hole.

Me: "Hey guards. my wounds are infected I think.. Can you.. can you get a doctor?"

The 2 guards left to get a doctor and I smirked.

I waited till the guards came back with the doctor.

The guards informed him of what "was wrong" with me and he took a look at my arms.

Big mistake bro.

I slammed my right fist into his temple, knocking him out.

Quickly I grabbed my axe and slammed it into one of the guards shoulders, and he fell over.

The other guard now alarmed, drew his sword.

He rushed me, and I ducked, pulling his legs from under him, and he fell on the unconscious doctor.

I fumbled through the Doc's medical supplies.

A scalpel.. sweet.

The guard soon re covered and growled. I stabbed him in his neck with the scalpel and he dropped his sword.

He clawed at his throat, his neck now a fountain of blood.

He fell over with a loud thud.

I grabbed the keys off of one guard, his gladius, and my axe.

 I put the gladius on my belt, the blade facing down and I walked to the nearby cell.

The inmate quaked.

???: "Are.. are you going to kill me?"

I fumbled with the keys, soon unlocking the cell door.

Me: "No. I'm starting a revolt." I handed him the keys.

???: "Jack.."

Me: "Jack?"

???: "Yea... that's me.."

I smile. "Jack.. This is very important.. I'm freeing you all. We're getting out of here."

"Now.. gather everyone and go to the other end of this place.. There should be an armory somewhere.."

Jack nodded and started to unlock the cells.

I smiled, " I got the distraction."

I ran down the hall, my axe in hand.

3 guards approached me.

One attacked me first, trying to stab my midsection.

I  slashed at his hand with my axe, cleaving his hand off.

Quickly,  I slashed him on the right side of his neck, the axe blades grazing his neck.

His neck still bled profusely, and he ran off dropping his sword and covering his neck.

I laughed, but not for long.

Both guards lunged at me and I held the axe horizontal and shoved them with the hilt.

They staggered back and I dropped it, reaching for the guard's gladius, and I drew the one on my belt.

My turn to be offensive..

I lunged, slashing across the guards chest with both blades.

In my fury I neglected to see the other guard, and he sliced my arm. I growled and slammed the hilt of one of the swords in his face, stunning him.

I slammed the blade point of the other sword into his eye, and pulled it out.

He screamed in agony, and slashed randomly, partially blind.

I put the gladius's away and picked up the axe. I walked a bit further till I saw the prisoners, carrying swords, hatchets, tridents..

I smiled, seeing Jack leading them.

I met up with the group. They started cheering for me.

Me: "Nice job. Lets go"

We run maybe 10ft and turn a corner.

A gun shot is heard, and someone to my right falls over, dead

We look forward, seeing a person wielding a rifle, wearing a shirt that says "NFI"

???: "We found the Rioters! I need backup!" He ran back.

Fuck... Well.. That's what I get for planning a riot on a blog..  Stupid me..

Great.. I got a S.W.A.T team on my ass..

Me:"Keep going!" We must have had 100 prisoners total with us.

We kept walking and turned a corner. There was a room with guards in front of it, a whole militia of guards.

 They readied their guns.

Ah fuck... this is the part where we all die.. isn't it?

The wall behind them  bursts with an explosion, and a group of people open fire on these NFI soldiers..

Guess I keep to keep my life now.

The Rioters engaged these NFI bastards almost immediately after the random group of gunman

Who knew gunmen were afraid of people with swords?

As I sliced through the NFI's, I didn't stop.. It's like..It's like I was filled with blood-lust, not like In the arena.

Like.. I wanted to kill everyone... was scary..

In spite of my fury, I got shot in the chest twice and I retreated behind a corner, gasping for air.

I looked down, my blue dirty shirt now soaked with blood.

I peeked around the corner,seeing the room.

If only I could get there.. I'd be safe..

I slowly closed my eyes.

Suddenly.. I felt weightless for a second.

In an instant I was in that room.

Da hell?

My mind wandered from the "how did I get there?" question and I began looking through drawers.

After a minute I found a disc, It's label read:

"Experiment 002 Tommy"

I stuffed it in my pocket and turned around. The room started spinning and I collapsed.

The door was kicked open, and I caught a glimpse of the person in front of me.

He was tall, maybe 6'2, very built with a red button up shirt covered by a black jacket.

In his hand was a Tommy gun, though it looked too big to be it.

He had a black beret on, and my vision darkened, and I remained there, unconscious.

I felt myself being picked up, and he spoke in a deep voice with a slight Southern accent.

???:  " Don't worry Tommy.. I got cha'"

He spoke again to someone

???: "Take these captives to their home, care for the wounded,leave the dead behind."

I felt myself being carried off, slowly the sounds of Gunfire and screams of agony would cease.

???: "I need a Medic stat!" Was the last thing I heard come from his mouth.

Monday, December 31, 2012

A Plot

I'm thinking about revolting in this God forsaken prison..

I Plan to do it New Years Day too..

Wouldn't that be something? A revolt to start the New year off!

What can go wrong?

It's not like they can kill ME, They put me here for a reason, so they MUST want me alive.

and If not, oh well, I'm dead, big whoop..

 My life went to shit anyway, so nobodies going to care.

As for HOW I'm going to go about this..uh..


I'll get back to you on it.

Still heard no sign of Irelia though, getting a bit worried.

Maybe I'll find her if the Revolt happens.

Talk to ya'll later


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kill or be Killed

Well Merry Christmas for all of you tuning in.. I was too busy trying to save my ass..

well here's the story.

The guards opened the door, and pulled me out. They took me to the same gate as earlier, where i refused to fight.

Well.. seeing as though I don't want to black out again..

I'm gonna fight..

The gate opened, and I stepped into the ring.

Masses of cheering would resonate in the arena..

Jut lovely.. Christmas day and all I can give these people is my life..

I walked to the center, and standing in front of me.. was my opponent.

He was 4 inches taller than me, his slick black hair combed  in the back, and he was like seriously built, he also had a belt full of knives.

I wasn't worried...

'Till I saw the huge double sided axe on his shoulder.


???: "Another victory..." He starts laughing. "I'm Darius.. whats your name?" He spoke with enough hubris to fill every Greek demigod and then some

 Me: "Why bother telling you my name? One of it is gonna die shortly anyway.."

Darius: "Helps to know  who to call my latest victim." He makes a crooked smile. "

I saw a gladius sitting in the sand and I picked it up, spinning it before getting ready.

The Leader stood up in the box and smiled at me.

"Begin!" He commanded, his voice echoing throughout the arena.

Darius charged at me. He raised his axe and tried swiping down at my head.

I slid under his legs and stumbled to get up.

As the fight progressed the Leader raised an eyebrow with intrest, a guard spoke from behind him.

Guard: "He can't possibly win.."

Leader: "We'll see.."

They both continued to watch the fight with interest.

"Damned brute.." I whispered and turned to face him.

He turned around. "You gonna run away Coward? Huh?" He walked towards me, dragging his axe on the ground.

I retreated back, though it only took 20ft for me to slam my back against the stone wall.

He tried swinging again, and his axe slammed inches from my head, slamming into the stone wall..

He ripped it out and tried again.

I tried parrying it with my gladius by trying to slash at the axe blade

All it could do was knock it to the side,  the edge of my chest now sliced. I winced in pain.

He was slow to recover this time, and I took my chance, slicing at his right hand.

He let go of the axe on impact and stepped back, looking at his bloody hand.

 I took my chance and tried slashing his chest.

He stepped to the side and grabbed my wrist and squeezed it.

It felt like my wrist was being crushed under a car or something..

He tossed me into the wall, and I think i bounced off of it..

He grabbed his axe and walked towards me.

"Finally I'm gonna end this fight.. you weakling.."

I tried standing up, All i could hear was the crowd cheering.

I swear for a second I saw 3 of him with 3 axes...

Well that ain't good.. I wobbled a bit before coming to my senses.

But they came a bit too late..

He hit  me with the blunt end of the axe that joined the 2 blades, which knocked the wind out of me and I slid down against the wall

He repeated this over and over, each hit feeling harder than the last.

"Just die damn it.." He brought his axe up, and tried swinging it down.

I dropped the gladius and raised my arms over my head, arms locked in an X

The wooden shaft of the axe slams into my wrists, the blade slicing down my face from my eyebrow down to my cheek.

Warm blood fell down my cheek and into my lips and I spit it out. 

 Me: Sorry to burst your bubble Darius.. I had other things in mind.. "

I lunged forward, rolling forward and I grabbed one of his daggers, this one a KA-BAR.

He tries punching me with his right hand, and using my left hand I push it aside to my right, then spun along his arm, dodging the blow and I slam the knife into his back.

 The knife hit him in his spinal cord and he slumps over paralyzed.

I walked back and grabbed  his axe. I looked up at the Leader and he nodded

"I'm Tommy.." I smile, my pent up anger filling my gaze. "And you're dead.."

I raised his axe and looked away for a second.

I can't kill him... I just can't..  He's probably a prisoner just like me..

He also hurt me.. caused me pain.. almost killed me for Christs sake!

I looked at him with an angry gaze, and slam the axe down on his skull.

There was a crack as his head cracks open quite easily,blood splattering my face and chest.

His brain was easily visible and caked with blood and splintered skull, it looked like a weird jello mixture to me..

The more I looked at him, the more afraid I became.. afraid of being like who killed Her..

I heaved the axe on my shoulder and walked back to where I came, the heavy axe made walking troubling.
The Leader looked at the dead corpse and stood up, revealing his regal purple and gold robes.

Guard: "Sir, Shall we keep going with the plan?"

Leader: "Continue as planned.."

I sighed and proceeded through the gate and to my cell, the looks on the prisoners faces..
Some were shocked I made it out.. others noticed the blood and axe and were even more terrified..

I came back into my cell, the only other thing that was in the cell

Was silence..

Irelia was gone.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Out of the Cell, and into their Plan

Yesterday, they dragged me back to my cell.

Though The other inmates were.. terrified of me.

I have no other recollection of what happened in the jail cell.

The guards opened the door and stepped back, which wasn't normal

Even the guards were afraid of me...

I walked in and Irelia ran up to me.

Irelia: "You're covered in blood! Are you ok??"

 I looked at my hands, which were, like she said covered in blood. My back was the only thing hit.. so it wasn't mine I'm pretty sure

Me: "Y..Yea, but.. why are the others afraid of me?"

An inmate walked to the edge of his cell, and smirked at Irelia.

???: "Hey Irelia! watch out.. you're gonna be next.."

Me:"What are you talking about?" I yell.

???:" We all know what you did to those guards back there, you kil-

Before he finished, the guards who were holding me moved over to his cell, opened the door, and took the struggling inmate away

Irelia:"Tommy.. your back... it's..." She hesitated to finish the sentence, i knew something was up

I walked to the bronze mirror in the corner, and I turned to the side

4 holes in my back, what seemed to be exit wounds, each one about 3 inches in diameter and they formed a square on my back


They seemed to be scabbed over, though when I'd touch one with my fingers, they all started hurting..

Great.. I really am a freak, 

If only there was a doctor in this fucking prison..

That could explained why I heard popping in the cell..

Irelia: "What are you gonna do now?"

Me: "I'm gonna do what they want me to do.. Fight and see what they do with me later on.. All I can do.."